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    The company is composed by a young and dynamic team with over 60% of the total 500 employees dedicated to R&D.

We have been promoting
a world that is living on time since 2005

Aviation saves our efforts and time spent on traveling around the world. We fly to enjoy exotic landscapes, meet our business partners, or see our loved ones thousands of miles away in a matter of hours. However, this benefit is frequently lost due to flight delays. Here at VariFlight, we strive to track, and record every flight, predict delays and then share this information with passengers. By exchanging this data with airlines, airports, and ATCs, we hope to boost the transparency and efficiency of air traffic management with the eventual goal of reducing delays. With our ongoing pursuit of innovation as the way to improve the process of traveling, we believe in a world that lives on time where people can freely commute from one place to another to savor the beauty of nature, give a handshake, or feel the warmth of embraces.

  • 2017

    180 million APP downloads

    A-CDM installed at 81 airports

  • 2015

    Started aviation data

    services for businesses

  • 2014

    Launched first A-CDM solution in

    China for Kunming Changshui Airport

  • 2013

    Our first 10 million APP users

  • 2011

    VariFlight APP released

  • 2005


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