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What kind of functions does the VariFlight app have?

  • 1. Flight Status: flight number, airline name, gate number, airports of departure/arrival, location on the map, scheduled and estimated time of departure and arrival, aircraft type and basic in-flight amenities.
  • 2. Airport Information: airport name, IATA code, weather, air visibility, air traffic conditions, airport schedules.
  • 3. Flight History: your own flight record.

Does the VariFlight app have any premium functions that I have to pay for?

All of the VariFlight-Live on Time v. 1.0.0 functions are free. However, we might consider adding some premium functions in the future versions. At the same time, we want our customers to pay ONLY for top-notch services. Therefore, you can be sure that if there are any premium services to be introduced they will be optional, unique and will bring more value to our users.


How can I see departuring and arriving flights at the airport section of the VariFLight app?

In the 'Flight Board' section find the in/out button on the top right side of the table and switch between those two options.


How is time displayed in the VariFlight application? Does it match my phone settings?

VariFlight app's time format is synchronized with your time zone and your phone's time format. That is, the app's time should match your phone settings, 12h or 24h format.


Are you planning to add more language options?

Currently the app interface is available only in English. However, we will be happy to find more users around the world! Contact us and give us more suggestions on what language and other features you would like to see in the future versions.

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